I work in partnerships with clients to deliver workshops and one to one work in improving emotional health and wellbeing.

I work with a range of different professionals and organisations to support them to set and achieve their health and well-being goals.

The sessions help participants to gain greater awareness of the importance and impact of their wellbeing on themselves and those around them.

Participants learn effective simple methods to look after and improve their wellbeing.

Bespoke safeguarding and child protection training to organisations working with children, with a special emphasis on the wellbeing of the professional.

Michael  has recently worked with teaching staff  in a number of  UK  settings and below is some of the feedback he has received after delivering his wellbeing sessions:


Michael also provides one-to-one wellbeing sessions and below is some feedback from a Headteacher who received some of these sessions:


Michael can offer group sessions and workshops under the following areas:

  •  “Ways Of Wellbeing” Workshop

These sessions will help participants gain awareness of the impact and importance of their wellbeing on themselves and those around them

Participants will learn simple, practical methods of looking after, and increasing their wellbeing

  • “Always Take Your Lunch break” Workshop

An interactive forum which allows participants to explore boundaries in their work and personal environments and the importance of respecting the difference.

  •  Bespoke Safeguarding & Child Protection Refresher Training

For groups and organisations working with children, young people and their families

Some feedback from recent Safeguarding refresher training delivered in Walsall, UK:


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